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Rusty Springs is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Relax in a rural town atmosphere, close to gourmet food venues, attractions and excellent wineries.

Rusty Springs is the brainchild of Bob McGrath, retired military man and frustrated builder.

A few years back Bob bought an old Jaguar, but then, of course, he needed somewhere to keep it. Coming across a bonanza of second-hand building materials, Bob started to build a shed that would look like it had been on the block for "a hundred years".

The raw materials suited the purpose and each day Bob's wife Judi arrived home from work to see the shed emerging from what had all appearances of a pile of rubbish. And it just kept growing.

When it ended up being a two-storey structure quite a deal larger than a Jag they decided it was too good for the car and The Barn evolved into the perfect getaway location for one or two couples.

Bob kept building and is currently putting the finishing touches to Brewery Lane (known as such because Bob is an amateur home brewer). This is a unique venue for small clubs, car clubs and social gatherings with a street-scape theme that has to be seen to be believed.

In his spare time Bob creates the unique bird-feeders and bird sculptures, that can be seen located around the property, from all the left over "good stuff"


Birds and birdfeeders have been known to find new homes.
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